“Wild Mammal Babies” 3rd Edition has arrived! by Deb Gode

The “Wild Mammal Babies” 3rd edition is available at Chris’s Squirrels and More. There are always new medicines, changes in vaccines, and new rehab practices which makes it tricky but we wouldn’t want it any other way. At each printing we update and add new information. This year, we added more natural history for each species. Several vaccines are no longer available and the vaccine proto-cols have been updated. In particular, for raccoon rehabbers, there is a study that recommends the last canine distemper and feline panleukopenia vaccine be given after 20 weeks to ensure protection against these diseases. We also added to the disease section, particularly Parvo disease and treatment. This is such a devastating disease. For those who have the 2nd Edition, we wanted to give you a list of the major changes so you can update your copy. Send an email to with the subject “updates” and you will get the document in a return email.