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Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Association of Massachusetts

Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Association of Massachusetts (WRAM) is a non-profit organization that has been committed to the professionalism of Wildlife Rehabilitation in Massachusetts since 1992.


Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator

If you find a sick or injured animal, it is important to locate a licensed rehabilitator. Many rehabilitators specialize in caring for certain types of wildlife such as songbirds or small mammals, however the permit allows them to accept all authorized wildlife.

Find a wildlife rehabilitator…

Found injured or orphaned wildlife?

if you have found an orphaned or injured animal, the best place to start is to call your local animal control or find a local wildlife rehabilitator, which may be able to assist with transport or refer you to a local wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Learn more about what to do…


We have compiled a list of resources for people who have found injured or orphaned wildlife and want to find out who to call to people interested in becoming a wildlife rehabilitator in Massachusetts.

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Save the date for the WRAM annual conference!
March 16th 2019!
More information to come soon!
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4 weeks ago

Save the date for the WRAM annual conference! 
March 16th 2019!
More information to come soon!

Great conference if you can attend!We know you are all eager for registration for our 2018 Conference in Syracuse to open! We are getting everything ready to be sent out and posted online. Stay tuned for information in early September! We will continue to post updates here.

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1 month ago

Great conference if you can attend!

We are hard at work on the fall WRAM newsletter, do any of you have any fall-related rehabilitation or general wildlife questions for us?

Any rehabbers out there have any commonly asked fall questions for us?

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2 months ago

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If your newsletter would reach those interested in becoming a certified rehabber: an article on the same subject, and all related (i.e., how to get resources: $$, help, etc.). There are not enough rehabbers and intake centers. I struggle many times with getting help for injured animals or animals otherwise in need of help. I’ve learned of a few helpful resources, etc., but it has taken several years…